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In order to make room in the studio while the gallery is under renovation, my existing inventory of photographic display/exhibit pieces is now being offered - 46 works in all - at exceptional savings. This is an incredible opportunity to purchase one of these beautiful framed prints. Selected works are still available in the main galleries; however, many are no longer being offered to allow space for new pieces for upcoming events this year.

  • Studio samples may have minor touch-ups. Any work requiring repairs (more than a slight touch-up) will be done as needed. Yes, exhibit pieces get returned damaged from time to time.
  • All work will be shipped with plexi glazing
  • All work will be professionally cleaned/inspected/repaired at no charge prior to shipping. Please allow up to ten extra business days for this service.
  • Flat rate of $20.00/US shipping charge includes packing and handling fees. Combined shipping available on additional pieces purchased. All work will be shipped UPS. FedEx on request. International orders please contact us for rates to your location.

To view works available click here. Questions? Email betsy@solacepointe.com.

3-15-2011 Things are finally calming down here a bit, and there are new signs that Spring is just around the corner daily here on the farm. A welcome respite after the past few months! There are still a couple of weeks left to see the display at Lee Whedon Memorial Library in Medina, and I'll have work in two online shows opening April first. More details on those and other exhibits soon!

2-25-2011 When I wrote the last post, I had no idea what else lay in store for me this winter. It has been an emotional, exhausting, stressful time here at Solace Place. My older horse Choyce has had a difficult time after impacting; though we were able to pull him through, we are still continuing to monitor his heart and kidneys closely. I am still tending to my neighbor's farm. One of her horses also coliced on Monday. Sadly, his condition deteriorated and the heartbreaking decision was made to put him down on Tuesday. All of this took place with my neighbor out of the country. I have never wanted Spring to come as badly as this year. My father, who just turned 85 on Sunday, has also not been well. Suffice it to say, there has been little room for art.

So, in the meantime... I will have a display at the Lee Whedon Memorial Library in Medina, New York for March Arts Awareness. I'll be posting a pic on my facebook page next week.  

1-3-2011 Working on updates on the blog, website and facebook page. Due to technical problems our host site was experiencing in December, the holidays, as well as tending my neighbor's farm (along with my own) as she recouperates from a car accident, a lot of stuff has fallen by the wayside. Life has a way of derailing the best of your intentions, and the different facets of our lives often change course quite unexpectedly. As I plan events and projects for the year, I wonder what challenges lie ahead, and what surprises await me...

1-1-11 Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all the best in 2011!

11-20-10 Pleased to announce that I will be participating in the twitter art exhibit in Moss, Norway, December 1 -  December 31, 2010. All of the postcard sized original art donated will be on display at a local library in Moss, with the proceeds of the event going towards the purchase of childrens books for the library.

10-15-10 Update on the 100 Day Initiative: Due to continued technical issues, accepting three new commissions, as well as sustaining an injury to my right forearm and hand, I've regrettably decided to put off beginning the initiative indefinately. It may sound a bit confusing, my taking on commissions with an injury, yet not going forward with the initiative. The truth is, the commissions are of a photographic nature and my intent for the initiative was to focus on my drawing and mixed media. At this point I cannot hold my pen well enough to draw. I will let you know when I am able to persue this project the way it was intended. I appreciate everyone's understanding and support. My gratitude and thanks.

9-19-10 Due to technical difficulties I've been experiencing, as well as accepting a new commission over the weekend, I've decided to push out the start of the initiative to October 1. I appreciate everyone's understanding and support. See you then! 

9-5-10 Join me on the 100 Day Initiative: 100 Days/100 Works Beginning September 15, 2010. Each day a new original work will be posted here. Works will also be posted on the blog. If you would like to receive email updates, please email me at betsy@solacepointe.com or send your request through the guestbook and indicate daily or weekly updates.

8-15-10 Artist Road Show along the GoArt! Trail (formerly the Open Studio Tour) takes place Saturday August 28, 2010 from 10am - 4pm. For more information and to download a map, visit GoArt. Looking forward to your visit!

6-5-10 Solace Place, a photographic exhibit celebrating ten years on our farm, which has been the source of inspiration for most of my photographic work, opens July 1, 2010 and runs through September 10, 2010. An opening reception will be held Saturday, July, 17, 2010. For more information, visit the Upcoming Events page.

3-10-10 Open Studio Tour for Orleans County is tentatively scheduled for August 28, 2010. More details soon!

2-8-10 Met over the weekend to discuss plans for the Open Studio Tour for Genesee/Orleans Counties, New York. Event is tentatively scheduled for the end of September. More information will be posted when available.


Yes, I'm way behind in all of my updates, blog, etc. Updates are coming very soon, I promise! There are a lot of retro posts that will be added to the blog as I'm able. The inventory sale will also resume very shortly, stay tuned!


Imagekind.com selected me as one of the Featured Artists of the day. Thanks guys!


Currently collaborating with the Iroquois National Refuge on artwork for their "Spring into Nature" Celebration/2009 events. I am thrilled to have this opportunity, as the refuge is a special place for us, and honored to be able to contribute to the ongoing programs to educate and protect this wonderful haven through my art. My thanks to GoArt, as it was through their partnership with the refuge that this project came to my attention. I look forward to sharing the results.


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. With New Years around the corner, I'm looking forward to settling back into my regular schedule. All the best to everyone in 2009!


I am very excited to announce that Another Time, Another Place in Medina, New York will be carrying an extensive selection of framed and matted photographic prints as well as original pen and ink drawings. Stop in and browse their beautiful shop, and stay for lunch at Lily's Tea Room. Visit online at www.anothertime-anotherplace.com

Four photographic pieces will be on display at the Medina Satellite Gallery for the GoArt Holiday Exhibit  "Snowy, Snowy Night", November 3 - December 31, 2008. For more information, visit www.goart.org.


"Grandpa's Team won first place in the photography division at the Art at the Classic exhibit; a special honor for me, as the Judge was Lesley Harrison, an artist whose work I greatly admire.

Thanks to everyone who came for the open studio tour. If you were unable to attend, visits may be scheduled by appointment.


Open studio tour for Orleans County (that's us) is scheduled for Sunday, October 5th, from 10am to 4pm, Genessee County will be held on Saturday. Save the date! If you are unable to attend the open house, visits can be scheduled by appointment.

Several images from The Silence Broken's show 8-23 have been posted on the blog. As soon as school starts and I get my stuff out to the Classic, I'll try to get everything updated on the site...


A few select images from the 2008 Walnut Hill Carriage Driving competition will be added to the EVENTS portfolio. To view all of the reference photos taken from Saturday and Sundays performances, please click here. Images are for viewing and the personal use of the competitors only. Editorial and Advertising inquiries are invited. Please email me at solacepointe@equinesite.com.

I am a little behind in my editing due to an injury I sustained after a fall Sunday night, so please bear with me. More images will be added shortly. Thanks for your patience.


New images have been added to the ANIMALS AND INSECTS, FLOWERS and DOGS portfolios. Open Studio Tour has been scheduled for 0ctober 4-5th. The two counties are being split this year into seperate days. I'll post the days by county as soon as I get the schedule. For more details visit the Upcoming Eventspage.


Four works have been accepted to the Art at the Classic Exhibit at the Draft Horse Classic September 18th -21st in Grass Valley, California. For more details visit the Upcoming Events page.


New images have been added to the BANDS and EQUINE portfolios. Six works have been accepted to the Equine Dream Art Exhibit at the Western States Horse Expo June 6 - 8th in Sacramento, California. For more details visit the Upcoming Events page.


Currently working on new pen and inks - very excited to be drawing again full time after my injury! Look for new releases soon!

New images have been added to the BANDS portfolio from recent shows with The Silence Broken 1/25, 2/15 - next show 2/23!


Just came across this... "Safe Harbor" was chosen as an image of the day for review at www.SimplyScene.com, October 27, 2007. Thanks, guys!


Working hard on renovating the studio, hopefully to be completed in time for the studio tour - October 20th - save the date! (see upcoming events for more info) Studio visits will be scheduled by appointment only beginning November.

Check the framed prints portfolio for two new additions - "Back Fourty" and "Iris - Superstition".

New work has been added to the GRASP portfolio. "Lacey", a beautiful white cat is our newest addition. My gratitude to her foster Joan for generously sharing her time in order for me to come and meet her foster kitties.

I myself have a new foster - "Sweetie", a beautiful female Siberian Husky - look for images of her soon.

I cannot say thank you enough times to everyone who has contributed to this project. This has been something I have been wanting to pursue for a long time, and seeing it come to fruition is extremely gratifying. Though still in its' infancy, there are many long-term goals that will enable me to uniquely contribute to animals in need in a way I would not otherwise have been able to.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by Saturday for the tour. Many thanks and appreciation for all of the hard work that everyone put in to making this event happen. Looking forward to next years' tour!

If you were unable to attend Saturday, studio visits are being scheduled beginning November 1st. Please call for an appointment.

More to come!

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